Monrovia is in search of members for a Design Review Board to assist Town leadership with our continued growth. The purpose of the Design Review Process is to ensure the compatibility of new developments or construction with the existing development of the surrounding neighborhood.

The board will consist of 3 members and will be a subcommittee of the Monrovia Plan Commission. The Design Review Board will meet on an “as needed” basis.

Duties will include but not limited to:

• To review and evaluate applications for changes in zoning, variance, or waivers and make recommendations to the staff.

• To review and evaluate primary plats and site plans and make recommendation to staff.

• To take other actions as delegated by the Administrator, Board of Zoning Appeals, Plan Commission, or Town Council that are desirable and necessary to implement the provisions of the ordinance.

Interested parties should contact the Plan Administrator at 317-996-6116 or [email protected]